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Areas of Expertise


The cervical spine is also known as the neck. The neck is arguably the most important part of the spine to adjust. My Alma-Mater Sherman Chiropractic College is world renowned for the Sherman Package that uses the highly effective toggle-recoil adjustment. Headaches are the number one reason that people visit their chiropractor. Neck misalignment can also cause numbness in the hands and there is a strong relationship between the cervical spine and blood pressure.


The lumbar spine is also known as the lower back. I have used the Thompson Segmental Drop Tecnique for the past twenty years. This method of adjusting does not twist the lumbar spine.It is a highly effective way to adjust the lower back. Many of my patients comment that they are not sore after they are adjusted this way. Lumbar spine misalignments can cause back pain, pain and numbness in the legs and issues with bowell motility.


My gentle but effective way of adjusting is acceptable for those who may be a little apprehensive and I have been told that my personality has a calming effect that puts practice members at ease. Many people are surprised at how little force is needed to accomplish a chiropractic adjustment.

My Approach

Chiropractic is a philosophy, science and art. It is based on the fact that we express life more fully with a good nerve supply.

There are many reasons why people visit a doctor of chiropractic. Most people come for relief from pain or a health ailment. Some people come to maintain a sense of well-being and balance on a maintenance basis.

Whatever your reason for being a practice member at Knapp Chiropractic I will honor your preferences. I will use only the amount of force necessary for the chiropractic adjustment and will adjust you in a manner to exemplify the art of chiropractic. I will make room for your family and friends and afford them the same thoughtful care.

My Approach
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